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Tagged by: :iconskystorm456:, but I'll be answering :iconitalianassassin77: 's questions just cuz she didn't tag anyone, and someone ought to answer them. ...I'm already breaking the rules, aren't I? scared.... 'the 2nd' 


1. Repost the rules.
2. You have to share 13 things about yourself.
3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you then invent 13 questions for the people tagged.
4. Choose 13 people if you can.
5. You are allowed to do tag-backs.
6. Be creative with your title. No "I have been tagged" things. 
7. You can't be like: "sorry i don't do tags"

I don't know how many of these I'm going to do, but I figured I'd have to do at least one! ...This feels like an initiation...Or a hazing.

1. I like musicals, but I also really, really want to see an opera at some point in my life. (The Magic Flute especially: The Queen of the Night Aria is aaaah Love )
2. My eyes are technically hazel, but they've been steadily turning more and more green over the years.
3. I'm only double jointed in my right toes (I think)...Go figure.
4. No surprise here, but I love cats! (Internet rule?)
5. I'm pretty darn nearsighted; my "clear" vision lasts about one "hang ten" away from my nose.
6. I've been drawing for about nine years now, but didn't really get serious about it until a few years ago.
7. On that same note, I've been learning digital art for about five (And still have a looooot more to learn!)
8. I have a weird obsession with Gaston?? Shrug 
9. One of my first "characters" was a mermaid pegasus unicorn named Sir Yucaipa. Who had a plesiosaur-horse companion...Horses...Horses.
10. Horses. Appaloosas. Gimme those spotted, snarky, stripey-hooved, white-eyed sass-masters, I love them!
11. I am a freaking veggie monster, if there's cucumbers, celery, or carrots at a party, keep it away, I will eat it all.
12. I love me some tea!
13. Uh, I like Tchaikovsky? Sometimes I just put on Swan Lake for study music. Until the Hungarian Dance comes on, because then I'm too hyped up to think straight.:shuffelin: 

Baby don't hurt me? Don't hurt me? No more?
2. If you're a video game person, what d'ya like playin'?
As much Spyro as I can get my hands on, Don't Starve, Minecraft, and others, but those are the most frequent!
3. What's your favorite art style?
Uh... Oh boy, I don't have any specific broad ones I like, but as far as people go, I'm an Adam Adamowicz fan!
4. What's your favorite music genre?
Whatever strikes me! I don't have anything specific, although my radio's tuned to classical.
5. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
...Quite a lot.
Don't make me choose!! ...It's not Bee Movie level of fame, but I really like this stupid picture. Jimbo. This mop. 
I can get in hysterics over it if I'm not careful:rofl: 
7. Do you like rain? =3
Absolutely! Best time! Constant Comment tea time!
8. What subject in school do you absolutely hate with every bone and fiber in your body?
Math. Inside out - Disgust is done (emote) (Or will be after this semester, hopefully!)
9. If you could have witnessed any historical event, what would you like to see?
I honestly don't know!Sweating a little... 
11. Have you ever been to the epicness that is Medieval Times?
YES! The knights are all good and stuff, but...Andalusian horses Heart 
Grab phone for communication, wallet for ID, get animals if possible, then get the heck out, if I have enough time!
13. I have no idea what to write here... ... what's your favorite color, I guess?

1. What are your favorite animals?
2. What's the farthest you've ever been away from home?
3. What was the first character you can remember making?
4. What was your first post on DA, and how does it stand now?
5. What are your favorite media to use in art?
6. Tell me a story!
7. Favorite movie or show?
8. What's your favorite monster/mythological creature?
9. Any pets?
10. Do you like the color of the sky? *scrolls endlessly*
11. Do you have any childhood games or books?
12. If you could be any character from anything, who would you be? Or who are you most like?
13. Do you have a hard time opening letters? Do they just get torn apart in your fumbling hands, or are you a pro?

I'm not going to be tagging anyone this time, but feel free to do this if you want!


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hi, I'm StewCat52! I'm a studying artist that tends to just stick to good old sketchy stuff...I'm hoping that this account will motivate me to put in a little more effort than that!


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Well thank yoooou, "stranger!" =P (Razz) 
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Squidward Dab 
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Wow, thankyou so much for the watch, much appreciated! :dummy: I hope I don't disappoint too much! ^^
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Aww, thankyou - so glad you like them, and ha, busy with other things currently, but one thing my gallery will be guaranteed to have is MORE KROVENS. :'D :lol:
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Have a nice day!
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